At the moment the forum is available as Tor hidden service at http://dtforceyo5xwxfl7.onion. It is dedicated for public discussion and organizing work of Deep Tech group as well as to provide a place for community support in anonymity, privacy and information security.

Main speaking language is Russian. For international collaboration there is a special subforum where English is used.

Special features:

  • Based on MyBB, works without Javascript (functions that require scripts are disabled)
  • Displaying of meta-data is minimized: time of posts, online status and statistics (time is tracked in days, displayed with month granularity)
  • Anonymous posting is allowed
  • Functions that rely on email are disabled / not working

Plans for enhancements:

  • Add I2P entry point
  • Enhance handling of meta-data
  • Publish forum template and docker container

Backup address: http://dtforceue23za5fe.onion (offline). Will be used in case of a serious compromise with loss of privates of the main address.