Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DeepTech group and Riseup collective?

Here is the list of main differences of DeepTech group from Riseup and other “radical tech collectives”:

  1. DeepTech is tech-only, without politics. Unlike Riseup that promotes anarchism.
  2. Administrators of DeepTech work under pseudonyms. Unlike Riseup that has “birds” hidden from the users and general public but not from the authorities.
  3. DeepTech provides only anonymized services. Unlike Riseup that provides normal services in Clearnet too. Authorities know their users.
  4. DeepTech has open community. Anyone can use the services and participate in our work. Unlike Riseup that has closed community: to get access you need an invite from experienced member. Also you have to accept their political views and values.
  5. Main target audience of DeepTech are Russians. Though we’re glad for members from any country. Riseup’s target audience are Americans and Europeans.

Please note that we do not want to say that Riseup is worse than DeepTech. No, this comparison only shows that they work legally (under USA jurisdiction) and using different organizational model. Each approach has its pro’s and contra’s. For example, they’re able to provide VPN and other useful services that cannot be provided anonymously.

Also do not forget that Riseup has been established long before anonymity networks like Tor and I2P became popular.