Purpose of the group

Deep Tech Group is created to develop technical methods to defend from real-world surveillance and control systems. These methods are to be usable by individuals and independent communities.

We justify importance and relevance of this goal in a separate article (not translated yet, in Russian).

Our methods

We suggest following means to reach our primary goal:

  • Create technical base to defend from global surveillance and control system
  • Develop open community around this base

Under technical base here we understand a team of IT professionals and enthusiasts capable to do the actual work:

  • Research & development in the field of information security, privacy and anonymity
  • Creating and improving technical defence systems
  • Providing services for individuals and independent communities who support the resistance to the total control
  • Educating communities and the society as a whole about actual anonymity, privacy and security challenges

Open community built around solving common technical problem seems to be the most relevant and effective approach. Broad union of all independent powers to bring maximum efforts to defend ourselves.


We invite IT professionals and enthusiasts as well as independent communitites to take part in our work. Of course, we’re most interested in communities of developers, researchers, hackers, sysadmins and so on, but it is possible to participate for political communities as well. Here are few simple rules.

Code of conduct

Here at DeepTech group we do not discuss any non-technical topics. We recognize social attitude of our members but also understand that it can be quite different. And attempts to sort out the differences may lead to long discussions and tensions preventing us from making the actual work done.

To clarify, here is a non-exhaustive list of topics we leave out:

  • Religion
  • Sex and gender
  • Political, national and ethnical topics (e.g. political programs of parties and movements)

and many other similar topics that do not have direct relation to technical (not political) defences from surveillance and control.

We absolutely do not tolerate:

  • Child porn and other similar crimes
  • Terrorism

If detected, such members will be expelled from the community.

Requirements for participating communities

There are two main requirements:

  • Be independent
  • Abstain from promoting your views and values within DeepTech group

Under independency we understand real independency from large political parties, social movements and foundations (including private, non-commercial and non-government). The reason is simple: usually these organizations are taking part in the current system of power in one way or another. DeepTech group tries to be fully independent from any influence of such kind – even in technical matters.

Requirement to abstain from promoting own non-technical views is similar to that for individual participants. Without this the broad union of effort is impossible. And we think that uniting technical efforts of many independent communities is important for reaching the success. Small separated and isolated groups acting on their own are too weak to develop effective techologies defending from modern surveillance and control systems.

Anonymity and privacy are not fully forbidden, but at least in Russia this can happen in near future. We take preventive measures: administrators of this group work under pseudonyms. All provided services are anonymized (with locations hidden). In this way the group is out of any jurisdiction. This does not mean we are commiting crimes: under unacceptable laws we rely on high moral principles.

We recommend all participants to follow us and use pseudonyms or even act in entirely anonymous way. Communities may have pseudonyms as well.


For public discussions within our community please use our forum.

For private communication with administrators use:

  • BitMessage: BM-2cWKM2zEtmqpCc1ZHziCjKm4Buo4AQXex3
  • Email: deeptechgroup at {tutanota.com | protonmail.com}

We recommend using additional encryption. Encrypt your messange with our PGP public key and don’t forget to point to or include your public key if you expect an encrypted answer.

To report a vulnerability or security issue in our software or services, please use BitMessage or Email listed above. We’re regarding such messages very seriously and will do our best to respond as soon as possible (usually, within a day).

Official languages

Our main language is Russian. Secondary language is English.

Our target audience is Russian-speaking communities, but we welcome people from other countries too.


To confirm that DeepTech group is not compromised by any attacker and that administrators are not under arrest we publish so-called canaries.

More about our canaries and their full list.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about DeepTech group can be found here.